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Literature in Hartford

A good literature resource is the Hartford Public Library, located on 500 Main Street. Along with its numerous subbranches, it offers programs for children, adolescents, homeowners and immigrants as well as passport services, technology services, career services and literacy services.  It provides information about the community and its development.  For more information, visit the website:

Trinity College’s Raether Library and Information Technology Center is open to the public.  It contains more than a million titles, including an enormous online database.  There are more than one hundred computers, each one with access to the Internet.  In addition, there is a language laboratory, a media center, government documents, films and sound recording devices.  For more information, visit the website at:

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Theaters In Hartford

The Bushnell, hailed as Connecticut’s Premier Performing Arts Center, hosts a huge variety of performances, including broadway shows, symphony orchestras, family presentations, concerts, films, and children’s theater.  It supports the performing arts in Hartford and with community organizations.  With a focus on community, the Bushnell donates thousands of tickets to public schools, religious institutions and other organizations.  For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the website at:

The Hartford Stage, located on 50 Church St, Downtown Hartford, is truly a gem to this city and the theatrical world. With it’s professional, award winning, and amazing productions, it is hard to believe that this theater company is a non profit organization. It produces six to eight theatrical pieces a year, offers a wide variety of genres, and has featured highly acclaimed performers, such as Angela Basset and Andrew Mcarthy. The Hartford Stage is very much invested in the Hartford community, and through its educational and artistic outreach, has helped enrich the lives of many of Hartford’s youth and residents. For more information, please click on the link:

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