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La Guía Hispana


“To provide the Hispanic consumer with the most complete, comprehensive, current, and accurate telephone directory in Spanish that serves as a reliable source of information for goods and services available in the areas it covers.”

About us.

“The Hispanic Commercial Guide, Inc. is a Connecticut-based corporation located in Stratford, Connecticut. It was founded on April 1996 by Aida and Clodomiro Falcon with the purpose of fulfilling the need of a telephone directory in Spanish for the growing Hispanic community of Fairfield County.”

More than a telephone guide, La Guia Hispana serves as a source of information the Hispanic presence in Hartford and as a source of technical information about all of the Latin American countries from Mexico to Uruguay.

La Guia also offers a list of:

· Libraries in and outside of Hartford

· Chambers of Congress

· National and International Telephone Codes

· Immigration Consulates

· Universities, High Schools and Middle Schools

· Entertainment and Education

· State Government Offices

· Federal Government Offices

· Municipal Government Officies

· Churches

· Info-lines

· Professional, Social, Sports-related and Cultural Organizations

· Organizations and Service Providers for the Community

· Health Facilities

· Public Services and Utilities

· Equivalency Tables

· Transportation

La Guia Also Includes

· Lawyers

· Weddings- Servicies and Accesories

· Child Care

· Eventes

· Music, Restaurantes and Much More…

La Guia Hispana, made for and by latinos.

Latina Style

“LATINA Style broke new ground in 1994 by launching the first national magazine dedicated to the needs and concerns of the contemporary Latina professional workingwoman and the Latina business owner in the United States”

“Latina Style is unique in its ability to reach both the seasoned professional and the young Latina entering the workforce for the first time. The culturally sensitive editorial environment we provided showcases Latina achievements in all areas, including business, science, civic affairs, education, entertainment, sports, and the arts. We also offer technology tips and reviews, entertainment reviews, travel recommendations, investment guidance, beauty tips, food and drink recipes, automotive updates, and career advice—in summary, all of the things that impact the quality of life.”

Aside from the principal magazine, LATINA Style offers 3 series:

Latina Style 50

“This is a comprehensive annual study of the fifty best companies for Latinas to work for in the United States.

With nearly 600 companies surveyed, the report is the most serious attempt to identify the companies that provide the best career opportunities for Latinas in our country”

The Nacional Latina Symposium

“Launched in 2004 in celebration of our 10th anniversary, this magazine brings together the largest gathering of Latina leaders in the nation. The goal of the National LATINA Symposium is to ascertain, through round-table and panel discussions, as well as in-depth surveys and commentaries, the status of the Latina workingwoman in the United States. Among the issues discussed are career development, business opportunities, family issues, health and fitness, children development, cultural sensitivity, and political and civic responsibility”

Latina Style Business Series

“Latina Style Business Series is the most successful business development program for Latina business owners in the nation. The program has been featured on NBC, ABC and CNN, and in The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Dallas Morning News and The New York Times. This program has created a unique forum for Latina business owners to learn everything they need to start their own businesses or make their existing one more successful”

LATINA Style also covers articles about Latinos in the following themes:

• Congressional Awards
• Latino Organizations
• Latino Businesses, Organizations and people in the news

They also offer a national job search on their website.

Latino University

“Latino University was created as an entertaining, informative and educational resource for Latino college and high school students. With a fresh yet informative voice, Latino University provides relevant and innovative content. With topics like ‘Leveraging your Ethnicity in Today’s Job Market’ and interviews with Latino celebrities, our national magazine builds a rich community amongst aspiring Latinos. Latino University features important accomplishments as well as the latest trends on college campuses”

Latino University also covers:

· Fashion

· Sports

· Health

· Literature by latinos

· Music

· The Reality of Latino Workers in the United States

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