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List of Possible Items for Apartment

Kitchen Team: Living and Dining Room:
Flatware Computer desk
Drink ware Computer
Dishes (2x the size of the family) Lamps
Serving Plates Dining room table
Table Chairs (1 per person)
Chairs (1 per person) Couch
Coffee Lamps
Sugar Buffet/ Storage Unit for dishes and linens
Flour Flashlight & Batteries
Cooking Oil Calendar
Rice Toolkit
Knives Light bulbs (for lamps and 2 spare)
Mixing Bowls Scissors
Baking Pans Laundry Basket
Sauce Pan Book of Stamps
Frying Pan Pad of Paper
Other Pots and Pans Envelopes
Can Opener Pack of Pens
Cutting Board Pack of Pencils
3 Kitchen Towels Fan
Dishwashing Soap
Sponges w/Scrubby side
Bathroom and Misc:
Aluminum Foil Towels (1 per person)
Plastic Wrap Washcloths (1 per person)
Paper Towels Hand Towels (1 per person)
Pot Holders Shower curtain
Other Items: Toilet Paper
Tea Kettle Toilet Brush
Iron Trashcan
Lamps Body Soap (1 per person)
Shampoo (2 bottles)
Master Bedroom: Toothbrush (1 per person)
Double Size Mattress/Box Spring Toothpaste (2 tubes)
Sheet Set Disposable Razors (15)
2 Pillows Feminine Supplies (1 box)
Blanket Kleenex (2 boxes)
Comforter Lotion (1 bottle)
Bed Frame Winter Coats (1 per person)
2 Bureaus Boots
Lamp Hats, mittens, scarves
Alarm Clock All Purpose Cleaning Spray
Hangers Scouring Powder (Bon Ami or equivalent)
Broom and Dust Pan
Children’s Bedroom: Trash Bags
Twin beds (One per child) Laundry Soap
Sheet sets Laundry Basket
Alarm Clock

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