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Juan Hernandez

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Interview with Juan Hernandez

Juan Hernandez was born in the 1960’s in Puerto Rico. He moved to the United States in his twenties and originally lived in Wethersfield, Connecticut, where he worked at a food factory. Years later, after having lived in Idaho, Mr. Hernandez decided to move back to the east to pursue work in the labor unions after being informed of a job opportunity in Hartford. Since beginning his work in Hartford, he has become the executive director at the Service Employees International Union. As an influential member within the organization, Mr. Hernandez promotes equality and justice within the workplace for local union members. Although his work is mainly focused on issues within the workplace, Mr. Hernandez often finds himself assisting the union members on a more personal level. Because of the help that Mr. Hernandez is able to provide to individuals in need, he states that he would “work everyday, with or without pay.”