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The Latino Face of Trinity

Sí, Trinity es latino. Trinity College takes pride in its Latino community. From its students and professors, to its educational programs and Latino workforce, the Latino presence on campus is prominent and powerful.

Latino Students

Of this year’s freshman class, 28% identified themselves as students of color, and Latino students claim a significant portion of that pie. Latino students are among the top-ranked at the university; this year several have earned the honor of being the departmental President’s Fellow (the rising senior with the highest GPA) in Math, Public Policy and Law, and Language and Culture Studies. Latino students participate actively in groups such as Stop the Raids and La Voz Latina, and are among the top-ranked athletes of the school. They dedicate their time to internships and volunteer work in the Latino community of Hartford, since Frog Hollow, the neighborhood that surrounds Trinity, is 71% Latino. Most K-12 schools in the neighborhood have bilingual programs and have a student population that is over 90% Latino; these children are always in need of tutors and big brothers and sisters, and Trinity students are happy to help out. Our students can also be found at the Hispanic Health Council; Mi Casa Center for adolescents;  in ESL classes in downtown Hartford assisting immigrants; and in a variety of other social service agencies and institutions. Latino students also enjoy walking the 5 blocks from campus to Park St, the heart of the Latino community of Hartford, where they can eat like they’re back home in restaurants like “Aqui Me Quedo” and “El Caribe”. Lastly, Latino students work on campus in a variety of work environments; among their favorites are the Office of Multicultural Affairs, where many are PRIDE leaders, and Trinfo Cafe, where they teach basic computer literacy courses in English and in Spanish to community members. Some students decide to stay in Hartford when they graduate to work professionally in the schools and helping agencies in which they first volunteered their time.

Students who recently won full scholarships to study immigration at the U.S./ Mexican border in May with Prof. Gebelein: Blair Elliott, Denise Poventud, Celia Rodriguez, Jenny Romero, and Madai Velez.

Latino Employees

Chartwells, the food services company which supplies hearty meals to thousands of students a day, and Buildings and Groundsworkers employees are over 50% Latino. Latino professors work in many departments including history, photography, math, neuroscience, English, language and culture studies, and economics. Latinos hold a variety of administrative and professional positions across campus, such as those in Community Relations, Campus Safety, Trinfo Cafe, Multicultural Affairs, the Counseling Center, Facilities, the library, the Health Center, and many others. In short, Trinity College could not function without its hundreds of Latino members!


To learn more about Latinos in Hartford or the kind of intellectual work the Hispanic Studies Program at Trinity engages in, feel free to explore the website www.hispanichartford.org that hosts The Latino Face of Trinity.

To learn more about the activities in which Latino students are involved, or to meet some of our Latino employees, click on the links below to learn more from the Latino students who created these pages!

LaVozLatina (LVL)

LaVozLatina is a student run organization at Trinity College. The purpose of LVL is to empower its community on campus and in the Hartford area by increasing the awareness and involvement in Latino culture, politics and social issues. Our Intelligence Our Sass And our Spirit Nowadays there is more diversity in colleges, which is a sign that …

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Latino Sports at Trinity

TRINITY BANTAM It’s a good time to be a Latino at Trinity because there are a lot of Latinos from all different countries here in the Trinity community. It’s not rare to see another Hispanic student in your class. Latinos are also very involved in sports at Trinity, and this college has many sports teams …

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Getting to Know Trinity Students and Workers

HISP 224: Spanish for Heritage Speakers is a class designed especially for Latino students at Trinity who grew up in the U.S. speaking Spanish at home and English at school. The class helps them to learn formal grammar, polish their written Spanish, and understand oral and written traditions in their heritage language. One of their …

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La Oficina de Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs of Trinity College, located on the second floor of Hamlin Hall, aims to promote and celebrate respect and acceptance of diversity, and also to be a support system for those who are underrepresented on the campus. Established in 1998, the office was created to help execute Trinity’s “Strategic Plan,” a …

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I felt a very strange feeling as we passed through the streets of downtown Hartford to get to the Court House. My nervousness reached its peak when I got close to our destination, seeing the court house on the right of my shoulder, feeling my palms getting sweatier than before. Just like the feeling you …

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(: Latin Dance Club :)

For Recent Information and Current Members of the Latin Dance Club: Visit the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/105141312942142/ The Latin Dance Club is an organization that strives to bring a flavorful edge to Trinity College in such a way that creates a different type of voice for the Hispanics on campus. This voice on campus expresses how …

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    Trinity College has a wide variety of opportunities for Hispanic students to become involved with the Hispanic community in Hartford. Trinfo Café is a center in the neighborhood around Trinity that is open to residents to work on computers in a warm and welcoming environment. There are a variety of programs that are …

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Trinity International Hip Hop Festival

During the past recent years at Trinity College there has been an annual event called the Trinity International Hip Hop Festival. The Trinity International Hip Hop Festival is the first and largest international festival of hip hop in the United States. The festival brings together artists and participants from numerous countries around the world. These …

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Posse Scholars: ¡No Estamos Solos!

While I searched for colleges my junior year in high school I never once considered Trinity College. Even though I was born in New York I have lived in Hartford my entire life, so I was familiar with Trinity but I never thought it was right for me, because to a certain extent I felt …

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