In the course Hispanic Hartford, the first questioned posed is “What is a community”? This question leads us quickly to many others: Who gets to determine what the boundaries of a community are and who is included in its definition? Who shapes community in Hartford today? What are the sub-communities inside the larger ones? Is there one Latino community, many, or none? Is the Peruvian community separate from the Puerto Rican community? Do any of these groups really adhere into a community, into a group conscious of itself as cohesive and distinct from others? What do communities need to develop and flourish? What are the points of friction between communities? What models can we use or devise to better understand “community” and how it works?

In the below pages you will see our definitions and explorations of key components of the Hartford Latino community, as we understand it. We invite Hartford community members and groups to add and update information about their organizations–after all, community is a collective effort!

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Social Services

Latino Services The following list includes organizations that provide services offered in the Hartford area. Though many of them cater to the entire community, some offer programs geared towards the Latino community in particular. Click here to see the entire list of agencies in Google Maps Alianca Brasileira Estados Unidos 1718 Park s.f. Hartford, CT …

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Culture & Arts

This page has information about culture in Hartford. You can find descriptions and links for a variety of cultural opportunities such as theater, dance, music, literature, art and cinema.

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One of the few ways in which a community can function productively and for the benefit of all its members is through communication. It is the responsibility of every community member to stay informed about local, domestic and international news that affects the Latino community in the United Status and in their home counties.  These …

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Education is not just the academic preparation of children, but also the social and cultural enrichment of the community. This page contains information about different topics on education in the city of Hartford.  Here you can find information about all levels and types of education in the area.  Hartford offers a wide variety of programs …

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GENERAL HISTORY: PAST & PRESENT Hartford, the capital city of the state of Connecticut is situated on the Connecticut River and has enjoyed a vibrant and strong tradition of art and culture since it was established in 1623 by a group of Dutch colonists.  In 1636, a group of English colonists, led by Thomas Hooker, …

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Politics & Advocacy

Latino Involvement in Hartford Politics As a major United States city, Hartford’s politics are important not only in dictating the legislation of Connecticut but also in the influence on the national agenda.  By using their ethnicity as a tool to enter the political discourse, Latinos have played a major role in influencing these political policies …

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Religious life has been an integral part of culture in the United States.  It has served as a door through which many immigrant communities have integrated into American society.  Latino communities are no exception and their influence can be seen in their dedication and affluence among many faiths.  In particular, today Latinos constitute the single …

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Community Events

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