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Education is not just the academic preparation of children, but also the social and cultural enrichment of the community.

This page contains information about different topics on education in the city of Hartford.  Here you can find information about all levels and types of education in the area.  Hartford offers a wide variety of programs for children and adults that address the principle needs of the latinos in the city.  The city has schools of bilingual education, ESL programs, and centers for cultural, musical and artistic activities.

Here you can also find information about the history and laws surrounding education in Hartford.  For example, how and when bilingual education was accepted in the city and what are the arguments for and against the implementation of this policy.  Also, you can access information about the educative centers and schools that offer bilingual programs in the city.

Bilingual Education

The History of Bilingual Education in Hartford Bilingual education allows a student with limited knowledge in English to receive their education in both languages.  All study areas are taught in the native language first and English is taught as a second language.  After the student reaches an adequate level of English, classes are then taught …

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Children’s Education in Hartford On this page you can find information about children’s education.  Below are links to websites regarding Head Start programs and Schools in Hartford which may be of interest for you and your children. Head Start programs in Hartford Community Renewal Team, Inc. (CRT) 555 Windsor Street Hartford, CT  06120-2418 Phone: 860-560-5617 …

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English as a Second Language (ESL)

By clicking on this link you will find a complete list of English programs for adults in the city of Hartford.  The page contains information about the types of classes offered, the schedules of classes, who is eligible and how to register for classes. Or read the abbreviated information below. ESL Programs ESL Programs Capital …

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Here you can find a list of universities in and around the city of Hartford. At the bottom of the page you can find links to other universities throughout the state of Connecticut. Trinity College 300 Summit Street Harftord, CT 06106 860.297.2000 www.trincoll.edu Capital Community College 950 Main Street Hartford, CT 06103 860.906.5000 or 800.894.6126 …

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On the page you can find a list of libraries in Connecticut.  Each library is linked to their website where you can access more information about that particular location. Avon Free Public Library Berlin-Peck Memorial Library Connecticut State Library Cora J. Belden Library Rocky Hill Cromwell Belden Public Library East Granby Public Library East Hartford …

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Museums in Hartford Here you can find a list of museums in the city of Hartford with brief descriptions about each one. Connecticut Historical Society 1 Elizabeth St, Hartford, CT 06105-2292 · 860-236-5621 The Connecticut Historical Society is a non-profit museum, library, and education center that specializes in history and genealogy. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Museum of Connecticut History …

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Adult Education

On this page you will find information about education for adults. In Hartford’s government webpage you will find information about the following themes. Adult Education in Hartford ABE (Adult Basic Education) http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/hsb/hsweb/search.jsp ESL Programs Capital Community College The ESL Program is now located in the ACADEMIC SUCCESS CENTRAL, room 412. For more information, contact the …

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