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Student Border Journals

The following are a selection of journal entries from students who travelled to the U.S.- Mexican border with the Borderlinks delegation.

Andrew Bell

Final journal entry By Andrew Bell It has taken me many weeks to be able to express my final emotions on my trip to Borderlinks. I guess the trauma of the trip has left me speechless, unable to express the dark and frightening emotions the journey has stirred up inside of me. I consider myself …

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Begaeta Nukic

May 12th 2008 Border patrol visit                                                                                                             Begaeta Nukic   I was very enthusiastic about visiting the Border Patrol. When we reached the facility, I was surprised at the amount of border patrol vehicles parked outside in the parking lot. I could not believe that there were so many cars just parked there…shouldn’t they at least …

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Daniella Elizalde

Elizalde, Daniella Journal Entries Monday, May 12, 2008                 Today was an extremely emotionally draining day. It began with an excellent speaker­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Mike Wilson from the Tohono O’odham Nation. He told of his moving story as a military man and as a strategy adviser during El Salvador’s civil war in the late eighties. There he …

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Liz Dalton

The Border By Liz Dalton It has never been easy for me to share personal feelings of sadness. Often sharing grievances leads to an acknowledgment of injustice. Thus with acknowledgement come sorrow. Then the strength of the anguish could negatively impact my life, particularly my work ethic. When confronted with something negative (especially something I …

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Madai Velez

Journal Entry 1 Today we went to the desert with a geologist and his wife Debby, who is an artist. The couple was interesting because of how well they were prepared and the fact that they were a Caucasian couple in Arizona who was pro-immigrant was a bit odd. Either way, a couple of minutes …

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Sandra Gonzalez

Sandra Gonzalez Border Journal Entries Wednesday, May 14, 2008   Eating breakfast with the migrants was a nice experience because I felt like we finally had an opportunity to share something with them. I had an opportunity to speak with a man who was crossing the border today, he was a father of three daughters …

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