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Four Course Concepts

Students in the course Hispanic Hartford completed four assignments that were related to four areas of study: 1) Hartford as a polysystem 2) The relationship between capitalism and community on Park St  3) Religious syncretism and expression among Latinos and 4) Bilingual education and its relationship to cultural capital. If you would like to learn more about these topics, click on a link below to begin your course learning.

Bilingual Education and Cultural Capital

Hispanic Hartford students read the article by Ana Celia Zentella “Latin@ Languages and Identities” found in the anthology Latinos Remaking America edited by Manuel Orozco Suarez (available online for those with Trinity library privileges, or at Amazon). Zentella researches language use and literacies in Latino families, and her point in this article is that all …

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Hartford as a Polysystem

The first course assignment is a reflection upon perceptions of Latino identity in Hartford, using audio recorded in street interviews with passers-by on Park St. Students consider residents’ testimony in the context of readings they have done, particularly that of Itamar Even-Zohar’s work on polysystems. Even-Zohar suggests that one can view communities as a “polysystem” …

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Religious Identity among Latinos

In her article “Two Nations Under God?” found in the collection Latinos Remaking America (available online to those with Trinity library privileges), Peggy Levitt discusses the enormous impact Latinos have had on U.S. Christian churches and on religious identity. She delineates specific changes the Latino presence has effected with the church, among them a greater …

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The Interdependence of Capitalism and Community

Miranda Joseph in her book Against the Romance of Community (U Minnesota Press, 2002) argues that communities are increasingly being constructed around capitalistic practices rather than, for example, religious or social ones. She is a Marxist whose ideas and many and complex. For my powerpoint summarizing some of her ideas (in English), click here: joseph. …

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